Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 15

Today was our first day experimenting with Low-Fat Raw Vegan (or 80-10-10).

Successes: Ate lots of sweet, juicy fruits. Felt great for most of the day. Took Panda for a nice, brisk walk.

Challenges: Did not eat enough of sweet, juicy fruits. Lost energy in the early evening and am really, really tired now.

The concept we're trying to follow is two big fruit meals, snack on fruit between meals, drink lots of water, and eat a big, green dinner that may or may not contain nuts, seeds, or fatty fruits (avocado, coconut).

We realized today that a couple bananas, an avocado, some berries, a pear, and an orange simply ain't gonna cut it. Both Nick and I were very hungry throughout the day, but either ran out of time to eat (before going to work) or ran out of ripe fruits!!

So, to solve these dilemmas:

1) We're going to keep three bunches of bananas in the house at all times, at different levels of ripeness. One bunch will have some brown spots and be totally ripe and ready to eat now. The second bunch will be completely yellow, ready to have some brown spots in a day or two. And the third bunch will be greenish-yellow. That way, we will never run out of bananas.

2) We're going to keep some dried Medjool dates in the cars, so we have something quick to snack on in case of lack-of-fruit emergencies. (I consider dates to be either once-in-a-while dessert food or emergency fare.)

3) We're going to buy twice or three times as much fruit as we bought this week. I solved this one today by going to a couple different grocery stores and buying another bunch of (ripe) bananas, another bunch of grapes, 6 navel oranges, and 2 ripe avocados. That, plus the other fruit we bought yesterday, should hold us off til Wednesday.

4) We're going to eat more fruit.

Breakfast: Nick's breakfast was one large mango, a banana, and a cup and a half of organic frozen mixed berries. My breakfast was a cucumber, a large ripe tomato, a cup of grapes, and the juice of one Valencia orange. (For the LFRV or 811 diet, neither of our breakfasts contained a sufficient amount of food. We'd need to double that.)



Lunch: Nick's lunch was a cucumber, tomato, onion salad with a tiny bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and also a pear, an orange, and about one and a half cups of grapes. My lunch was a banana, 2 cups of coconut water/juice, 2 Medjool dates, a Navel orange, and about half a cup of fresh blueberries. (No photos of lunch, oops.)

Nick bonsai'd another tree today! This one is a little azalea bush. I like the shape of it. :)


Snack: Nick brought about 3/4 cup of trailmix to work and ate it this evening. I snacked on another banana and a small handful of trailmix.

Dinner: Guacamole Salad. We were both absolutely ravenous by dinner time. I made the guacamole and then put it on top of romaine, baby spinach, and sunflower greens with a little bit of coconut vinegar. We had HUGE plates of it, and it was just delicious. Then Nick had an orange and a banana for dessert. I am too full from dinner to eat dessert.


Tomorrow, we're going to eat a lot more fruit! Good night! :)

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